WWS Escape Tri-Clinic: Weekend 1

Our training month for the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon and other upcoming events has officially launched with a series of jam-packed tri-clinics to prepare athletes for the swim, the bike and the run. This is a great time to be training outdoors in the sunshine, the elements, and wildflowers in full bloom on one of the most scenic courses around.

Coach Pedro going over sighting instructions.

The conditions for the Alcatraz swim have been a little more challenging this year due to increased runoff from the mountains and stronger currents around the Island. Our group has been sending several expeditions out to test the waters in the Alcatraz clinics and monthly crossings. If you are unsure about how to complete any part of this event, our coaches will give you inside tips and help you dial in that course. Also you can test to see how you do on the bike and run after swimming a mile in the chilly bay waters.

       Riding through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach       Gabe and Coach Jake on The Coastal Trail

Lincoln Blvd.

The Sand Ladder

Train for any event or swim for fun with a multitude of workout options and a great group of people: Water World Swim

Thanks to Core Foods for providing us with energy treats on Sunday!

Calender of Events


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