Water World Swim Weekend Recap

This has been a great weekend for swimming in the bay. We kick off our weekend early on Thursday with our Swim With Pedro Weekly Workout, a one mile swim in and around the cove into the sunset at Aquatic Park.

Bernardo with Alcatraz

Then on Friday and Saturday, we had more swim and triathlon training sessions, 3rd in our Escape Tri Clinic series, with a very nice Alcatraz crossing and biked the hilly Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon course afterward.

Alcatraz Jump Video

Coach George and Leica in cycling mode

On Sunday, we swam into a nice ebb, great preparation for race day. Several triathletes tackled the run of the Escape Course into some strong headwinds and climbed the Sand Ladder. There was a nice tailwind on the way back to practice the final dash to the finish.

We have been meeting great athletes from around the world, and enjoy seeing our members old and new having a great time swimming in the bay. Congratulations to Water World Swimmers Bernardo Calmet from Peru and our New Waves swimmer Josh Pitkofsky who both placed second in their age groups at the Tri-California Alcatraz Challenge this weekend! Swimmer Les Mangold also completed his 74th Alcatraz crossing with us.

Les celebrating!

Coach Ann and Bernardo after a successful swim

Next weekend will be even better! Check the calendar for our workouts and events and sign up for the final weekend of Triathlon training clinics before the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. Thanks to all our coaches and swimmers for making it happen!


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