Water World Swim Weekend Recap

It’s been another amazing weekend of training, and our final Tri Clinic weekend before The Escape. We start with a splash on Thursday with a Swim With Pedro Weekly Workout. This is a great introduction to swimming in the bay. If it is your first time, let us know and our coaches will assist you.

Friday was our Alcatraz Clinic. The swimmers tested the waters near the Island and the finish and gained knowledge and tips to master this swim. Saturday was one of the toughest swims this year, mentally and physically: an Alcatraz crossing against the current. We are extremely proud of our swimmers that pushed through it and even those that attempted. Brave Alcatraz swimmers!

This might be Les

The swim was followed by a nice ride on The Escape course. We are getting to know these hills pretty well, and good practice for swim to bike transition.

As if that wasn’t enough, more swimming on Sunday for a tough group. It’s good to test out the wetsuit you’re going to be using on race day beforehand and make sure it isn’t too tight and that you can breathe. How is the breathing in cold 55°F water? How long can you swim without getting too cold? Practice sighting on landmarks and navigating in currents & getting used to swimming in a wetsuit. Then hit the trails for another nice brick workout run to the sand ladder.

Coach Jake giving some swim to run transition tips.

One more important training session to go next Thursday before The Escape. Thank you for training with us! We really enjoyed it and know you are going to do well! We hope you all have an excellent time at The Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. We will see you in the bay at the start. Come visit us at our booth at the Fitness Festival. There are many more swims and triathlons coming up this year, stay tuned!

Water World Swim has been selected once again by the Escape from Alcatraz organization to run the swim portion of the Escape. Our records and experience have been demonstrated throughout our years of swimming, coaching and managing safety events in the Bay.


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