Water World Swim New Waves

Young swimmers, starting small to become the

Water World Swim Mavericks!

Every year we coaches at Water World Swim are proud to coach and train a number of New Waves, who are 18yrs old and under. These swimmers are the future promises of open water swimming and are stars in the Bay of San Francisco. We would like you to meet these young swimmers as they work hard this season. Water World Swim coaches are proud to see these super stars thriving in every single of our training sessions.

Welcome to our New Waves Junior Coach, Faith Hale! Faith joins us from Laguna Beach, CA where she is an open water swimmer and beach lifeguard! Faith will be working with other New Waves swimmers as a peer support! We are happy to have her with us and have no doubt that her energy, passion for open water, and positive attitude will not only be of great support to her peers, but will help strengthen the open water swimming community as well! Welcome Faith!



JAMES (Little Jimmy) 11 years old, Tiburon, CA. This is Jimmy’s third season training with Water World Swim and the New Waves Program. He has already placed in the world renown Tiburon Mile, has swam Alcatraz and is getting ready for our Golden Gate Bridge Swim on October 15th. Jimmy presently swims and qualifies and places in swims in the NON-Wetsuit division!




Meet Jillian -“When my dad and I first decided to drive to the San Fransisco Bay for a Sunday Water World Swim training session with Coach Pedro, I was extremely nervous; but when I met the the coaches and swimmers I would be sharing this new experience with, relief swept over me and I dove into the freezing water of the bay and felt a rush of cold and then freedom. I’ve been coming back ever since and just successfully completed my first Alcatraz Crossing with Water World Swim on August 20!”


Meet Carmen, 12 years old. In her own words: “I am Carmen. I have been in Water World Swim for five weeks. Before I participated in Water World Swim, I had never swam in the bay. The first day was a bit frightening but Coaches Edna and Pedro gave me lots of tips on how to stroke, how to pay attention to the currents, how to breathe while swimming and so on and so forth. Even though these tips might sound meaningless, they really made my swimming a lot better. Now I can swim for almost a mile. These weeks have given me new insight on how hard and rewarding swimming can be; but most importantly they have been fun!”

Congratulations to our New Waves swimmer Josh Pitkofsky, who received 2nd place in his age group and 20th overall at the Tri-California Alcatraz Challenge with a finishing time of 33:35!




Meet Cade, 12 years old. He has already swam two Envirosports “Sharkfest” events, including one in June along with his brother Brayden. He has been swimming for a year. Not only he was quickly acclimate to the bay but he is also becoming one of the fastest New Wave swimmers!

The New Waves on Sunday! Marcus, Kerrin, Carmen, Cesar, Jillian. They Just keep amazing the WWS coaches.

Find out more about our New Waves Program

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