James, “Little Jimmy” Thomas trains for the Chesapeake Bay a 4.4 miles swim-on his own words

I love swimming because it’s a good way to get exercise, in a positive way. I think swimming in the pool, and in the bay are both fun, but I find it’s more interesting in the bay, because there is more freedom. First of all, you don’t have to stay between 7 feet lane lines, and second, there is much more to see. I think that swimming on big giant waves is better than completely calm water. When I’m swimming, it gives me time to think about not only what I’m doing in terms of swimming but also other things, like school and other things in my life. One of the best parts of Water World Swim is the coaches. Coach Pedro is one of the best coaches I’ve had, he’s supportive, he teaches, and he can always tell what the tides are doing. Another coach I would like to point out is Coach Jake. He is a great pilot and has a great personality, and always helps with someone’s stroke and stuff. So that’s what I have to say about swimming.

I personally am training for a big swim in Maryland; it is a 4.4 mile swim under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I will be swimming it on June 10th 2012, a few weeks before my 13th birthday. I am training hard for it. I have done races in the past, but none as big as this. I have done an Alcatraz crossing, the Tiburon mile 3 times, and the Golden Gate Bridge swim, and all have been very fun. It’s going to be hard work, but I will succeed my goal.

One of the bravest parts of swimming in the bay is the cold, and I’m crazy enough to deal with it without a wetsuit. Why I do it without one? I don’t like the wetsuit because it gives me rashes, it takes a long time to put it on and to be honest, I like that people think I am brave & strong for not wearing a wetsuit. I usually have a hot bath waiting for me at home in Mill Valley thanks to my family!


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