Hunter Wright to Swim Strait of Magellan Jan 2014


The challenge is finally upon him! After much preparation this year with Water World Swim, 17-year old New Waves swimmer Hunter Wright will cross the Strait of Magellan, guided by Coaches Pedro, Levy, and Mike. He will arrive in Punta Arenas to swim in his allotted window of January 14th-21st.

The swim is approximately 3 miles long, and consists of unforgiving water from 38-41 degrees F. Currents are expected to be at 12-14 knots from east to west and west and to east, creating whirlpools. Hunter will be the youngest non-wetsuit swimmer to complete it. He is practicing in the bay and in winter lakes closer to home in water from 37-43 degrees.

On the maps below, you will find Punta Arenas in the southwestern circle, and the crossing in the northeast.



Enterprise High School, Redding California

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 9, 2013

Enterprise High School announces Hunter Wright on his Open Water Challenge of swimming the Straits of Magellan in January 2014

Redding, CA December 9, 2013 – Hunter Wright is a senior attending Enterprise High School.  Over the last four years of attendance he is captain of the swim team, homecoming king and a great student. Enterprise High is happy to announce that Hunter will be on his way to Punta Arenas, Chile in January 2014 to swim the challenging Straits of Magellan without a wetsuit.

 Enterprise High School is proud of Hunter for his accomplishments he has achieved so far. To name just a few he has completed 20 Alcatraz, San Francisco bay crossings, 8 Golden Gate Bridge crossings and numerous 10k swims. These include San Francisco bay and Tel Aviv, Israel as he took a very respectable first place finish against Olympic swimmers.

 Enterprise High School and the Redding community are all anxiously awaiting Hunter’s upcoming swim in Chile. Completing this swim is a goal well within Hunters reach. He is a focused and driven young man. We all stand proud that such a great representative of our community is achieving such high goals.

Mike Worley
Athletic Director
Enterprise High



Water World Swim would like to thank the Chilean Navy for their support for the 3rd straight year in a row in helping international swimmers accomplish one of the most challenging crossings in the world!
Hotel Rey Don Felipe - Punta Arenas - Chile - Google Chrome_2013-12-07_20-46-59
The WWS team would also like to thank General Manager Mr. Enrique Garin for his great coordination with the Chilean Navy and hosting the team in his beautiful hotel, Hotel Rey Don Felipe in Punta Arenas, Chile. 
We would also like to thank Dr. Marcos Goic Ordenes for his assistance in submitting all initial documentation to the local authorities, and to Port Captain Carlos Ordenes for assisting and coordinating all initial meetings with the Chilean Navy Regional Admirant Commandant offices.

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