WWS Goes International in 2014!

Get your passports and goggles at the ready – Water World Swim is announcing international swims in the 2014 season! The locations and dates are still in the works, but we are planning to have events in Chile, Israel, Italy, Greece, and the UK.


Sar 6In September 2014, Water World Swim will partner with Coach Alessandro to swim the Bonifacio Channel near Corsica and Sardinia  between France and Italy. The region is known for its strong currents and sometimes difficult navigation, and is a hearty distance at 12-14km. It features stunning water.


ORIphotoWater World Israel’s Coach Ori Sela and Water World Swim in San Francisco are organizing and inviting swimmers from all over to join us in Greece from June 7-14 for the Flotilla training swim and June 3 for the Bikuray Yam Swim in Israel. More information and registration will be coming in January.

Stay tuned for more information on swims in the UK and Chile!


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