Ben Fogle Completes Alcatraz Swim

Adventurer Ben Fogle  with Coach Pedro Ordenes and Kayak Pilot Jake Glodowski of Water World Swim Ben swam from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco as part of his Year of Adventures Series on BBC. Check out the video!

1st Annual Alcatraz Classic

photograhy by Davide Paperini

The 1st Annual Alcatraz Classic September 18, 2011 was won by Cesar Diaz in 29 minutes 44 seconds. Congratulations to all the participants who braved the chilly waters and currents of the bay on one of the most beautiful days of the year!

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors and product partners, volunteers, coaches, kayakers, support vessels and emergency medical team for making this one of the best events ever! We would also like to give special thanks to the SFPD Marine Unit, National Park Service and the U.S. Coast Guard. See you again next year: September 8 2012, for the fastest swimmers in the world!

6th Annual Swim Around the Rock™

The Water World Swim 6th Annual Swim Around the Rock™ is only days away! Join us on Saturday, July 9th for this round trip Alcatraz swim at the Aquatic Park. This swim is a challenge for fast swimmers that requires a strategic race plan to swim the 3.25 mile course with tides and fast currents around Alcatraz. Registration is almost full. Click here to register.

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WWS Summer Tri Clinics

Spend the weekend getting prepared for your summer Alcatraz triathlon with      Water World Swim. There are several Alcatraz triathlon events throughout the season and we will tailor the training to suit your needs. The swim clinics are led by Coach Pedro H. Ordenes, ASCA/WSCA, who has completed hundreds of Alcatraz crossings and several record-breaking distance swims as well as several Ironman Triathlons. Our coaches are experienced bay swimmers and triathletes who are eager to help  you achieve your goal of swimming in open water. Master the swim with the premier San Francisco Bay Swim experts.

The swim-focused program consists of 3 swims, including an Alcatraz Clinic, a bike ride and a run on the course.

JULY 14 – 17th: REGISTER


Prepare yourself to have a great race and confident swim!

Success stories

My Almost Great Escape

by Leica Carpo, Philippines

As I write this with my good right hand it strikes me as ironic that I was racing Escape more as a swim challenge and not as a triathlon because I thought I had the bike and the run in the bag… For me the only leg that really mattered was its’ infamous killer swim. Historically the ‘swim’ is achilles heel of my ‘work in progress’ triathlete skills. The oftentimes vicious swim starts always left me last to finish, gasping for air and with my heart rate skyrocketing off the charts –it was literally my Waterloo. So like your average triathlete i practiced that tried and true ‘kick ass or die trying’ motto. I decided to take on the Escape precisely because it had the one demon that I was constantly trying to overcome or in this case outswim.
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