Challenging swims surrounded by outstanding landscapes.

1. STRAITS OF MAGELLAN (solo swim or two swimmers)
2. BEAGLE CHANNEL- CHILE/ ARGENTINA (solo swim or three max.)
3. PORT OF VALPARAISO TO VINA DEL MAR (up to six swimmers)
4. CIRCUIT OF THE THREE WATERS– Lake-River-Ocean – North of Chile

Each one these swims, is prepared, organized and guided by a team of expert local coaches and swimmers with a vast experience in these waters and regions. Every swim will be fully certified by the Chilean Navy and Mares del Sur a long distance swimming association (a Water World Swim organization). (Permitted and supported by the Chilean Navy)

Visit us at for more info or send us an e-mail to :

Click on the map for a bigger view. We are in the process of posting more information about these swims. Please do visit us again soon!

Know more about our exciting swims:
Playa san Mateo – Muelle Barón
Playa Salinas – Muelle Barón
Playa Acapulco – Muelle Barón
Playa Caleta Abarca – Muelle Barón Swim
Muelle Prat – Muelle Barón Swim

Traveling to swim in Chile? Visit CHILEPROS for more information.

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