Costa Rica

Water World Swim – Costa Rica
La Ruta open water swim
March 19, 2011

Exotic Costa Rica is the venue for this swim in the tropical water of the Central Pacific Coast of the most biodiverse country in the planet. The swim will start in Hermosa Beach well known for its good surfing waves and will finish 7km later at Jaco Beach. It’s a 7km swim but we will be helped with the incoming tide so the effort is aprox. for a 4km swim. Click here for more details

Coach Roman Urbina
Water World Swim Costa Rica

Roman has 30 plus years of experience surfing Hermosa Beach, and competing in open water swimming events. Roman was the first swimmer to cross the Gulf of Nicoya (a 25km swim), he has participated and finished the Swim Around Key West, a 21km swim (the year it was cancelled due to rough waters and big waves and less than 20 were able to finish), and has participated in the Tiburon mile swim and placed 16th.

Roman has also organized multiple open water swimming events in Costa Rica, including the swim across the Gulf of Nicoya, 6 times. Roman’s other accomplishments include:

1. Triathlons: Roman has completed more than 100 triathlons of all distances. He was the top triathlete in Costa Rica in the 80s and part of the national team for many years. His personal best olympic distance time is 2:01.

2. Marathons: Roman has completed over 70 marathons, his personal best is 2:52 at the Jacksonville Marathon

3. Ultra Marathons: Roman has completed 20, with his personal best at the coastal challenge 246km was 5th place overall.

4. Adventure races: Roman was Team Costa Rica`s captain for 5 years. His personal best was 3 place in Mexico, behind the Red Bull team.

5. Mountain biking: Roman has completed too many to remember. He placed 14th at the first world solo championships in Canada, was the first Latino to finish the toughest race on the planet, the Trans Alp, Trans Rockies, and Cape Epic. He is considered the father of multistage mountain bike racing and has run the oldest and longest running event of this type of race. This year, his name will be submitted to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.



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